Élhée’s Duo of Teats | size 1 (from birth)


Élhée’s soft, extra-supple silicone teat is conceived to ensure the complete safety and well-being of babies. Designed to adapt itself closely to their needs, the size 1 teat is available in two flow speeds, Small (S) ffor breastfed or premature babies and Medium (M) for formula milk.

BPA and BPS free – Complies with EN 14350 standard

  • small
  • medium

Natural and physiological form

The extra-supple silicone teat is perfectly adapted to the shape of the baby’s oral cavity. It actually contributes to its healthy development. The anti-colic valve of Élhée’s teats is designed to reduce the baby’s absorption of air while feeding, to facilitate its digestion

Adapted to Baby’s Rhythm

Élhée teats are available in two sizes (0 – 3 months and 3 – 24 months) and in three flow speeds, S, M and L, to adapt to the baby’s suction rhythm


Data sheet

silicone, BPA and BPS-free
Made in
Complies with NF EN 14350-1 and 14350-2
Care instructions
Before and after each use, the teat should be thoroughly cleaned separately from the ring. For reasons of hygiene and safety, it is advisable to replace the teat after 4 to 8 weeks, depending on its frequency of use.