Leather baby slippers | light grey

Leather baby slippers | light grey

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Leather baby shoes hand-crafted from high-quality, soft leather to ensure comfort and natural development of baby's feet.


Italian leather shoes

Italian leather is famous worldwide for its exceptional durability and super high quality. It's really cushy and flexible, so your child has full freedom of movement. What's most important is the fact, that these leather baby slippers ensure the natural development of the foot muscles, supporting bone development without any restrictions. The leather used to manufacture these beige baby shoes is regularly tested for harmful substances, making the fully skin-friendly product.

Safe for the skin, good for little bones

These baby slippers are an excellent choice for your baby's first shoes. They are manufactured locally by a company settled in the European Union. That means the product has to fulfill multiple quality and safety procedures before getting on your infant's feet. Considering the correct growth of your children, these shoes have a non-slippery suede sole, irreplaceable during first crawls around the table and runs across a room. Secure grip is important when those tiny steps are still a little bit shaky. An elastic, split rubber strap has been inserted in the rear shaft of the shoes to make putting them on easier. The light grey color is just stunning, so versatile it fits many other baby clothes in our offer like grey knitted blanket, grey kimono bodysuit or grey alpaca wool bonnet. Grey baby shoes are universal, looking great on girls and boys.


Data sheet

premium quality soft Italian leather
Made in
Production method
TUV no 0000047620
Care instructions
don't wash or dry on the radiator, wipe down with a damp cloth or brush with preparations for leather