Wooden baby brush with soft goat's hair bristles


Bad case of crib hair? We've got you covered.

This perfectly sized baby brush is made from FSC certified beechwood sourced in European woods, meaning the wood comes from a sustainable, managed resource. The bristles are soft goat's hair making it ideal for gentle grooming of babies hair and soothing massage of the skin.

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Soft and gentle baby brush

Whether your baby is born with luscious locks, or if you are still waiting for your baby's hair to appear, at one point or another, you’ll want to tame your infant’s tresses. And even if your motto is "crib hair, don't care", a good baby brush will do much more than only tidying up those adorable locks. The brush will gently massage the sensitive skin of the child's head, and at the same time will make the child calm down and relax. Not only will the massage have a soothing effect on your baby, but it will stimulate their scalp and can prevent or treat cradle cap. 

Eco-friendly and sustainable

This eco-friendly baby brush is made in Poland from FSC certified beechwood coming from European woods, meaning the wood is sourced from a sustainable resource. The bristles are extremely soft goat's hair making it ideal for gentle grooming of babies delicate hair, redistributing oil for a healthy mini-mane. High quality products used in the production of brushes will make you enjoy it for many years. The brush is sold with a cotton dust bag which helps to keep the brush clean and can be used when traveling to protect it. 


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