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Bedsheets 2-pack for baby gondola| forest

Bed sheets 2-pack for moses basket| forest

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Set of two bed sheets for gondolas and Moses baskets with an elastic band made of organic bamboo.

Baby bed sheets made with care

Moses basket and gondolas are currently rising in popularity amongst young parents. They are good and elegant protection for transport so it's easy to understand why so many people choose that option. Every baby transporter needs proper bedding, so we would like to present you a set of two baby bed sheets made with bamboo viscose. These high-quality bed sheets are hand-made by an independent company located in the European Union.

Moses basket bed sheets

These bed sheets have beautiful designs fitting altogether with other products from this line, such as our burp cloth, swaddle or towel. These baby bed sheets have an elastic band that comes in handy to make a cozy space in a gondola for your little one. This 2-pack of baby bed sheets is the perfect solution to use in baby transporters such as gondolas and baskets.


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100% bamboo viscose
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