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Every story has its beginning. This one started with a phone call and a question that’s been buzzing around in my head for months, and which I finally dared to say aloud: "What if I opened my own online baby store?" With the brands which I, as a mum know and love, proudly supporting local manufacturers who focus on quality and sustainability? This is how Cherry Baby was born.

My name is Martyna, I’m an entrepreneur, digital & content marketing specialist and most of all, a mum to a wonderful baby girl (which I will probably always call my baby even when she’s 18;). We live in Lausanne, the city I fell in love with so many years ago, and even though Cherry Baby is an online shop only, you can always write me a message if you’re around and would like to pick up your order personally, or just have coffee together.

Sustainable & style-conscious baby products

I have long dreamed of creating a place where parents will find unique and selected products for their children and themselves. I remember how excited and at the same time confused I felt as a first time mum when I started looking for newborn products for my unborn daughter. I needed a point of reference and was desperately looking for a place where I could find sustainable and organic brands, products made from natural materials and in neutral colours here in Switzerland. This if what I had in mind when choosing the brands I wanted to work with at Cherry Baby.

Cherry Baby is a Swiss online shop with quality timeless items for children and parents. From onesies, organic cotton burp cloths to innovative baby bottles, all the products you’ll find in our store are thoughtfully chosen and made to survive current trends. They are designed to last for seasons to come. At Cherry Baby we focus on brands that tell a story and that are committed to making products with the utmost respect for people and the environment. The products we offer are made with care by passionate designers, very often in small quantities and sometimes by hand. You won’t find big mainstream brands here. We don’t want to sell “European” brands which make their products in China. Transparency is very important to us.

To help you quickly find all the products you need, our website is divided into different categories. If you are a first time parent, make sure to check our Layette section with the selection of newborn essentials from the first days of life and beyond. And since it’s important to treat yourself from time time, don’t forget our section For Mums, which is also great for finding a gift for a baby shower.

Created by parents for parents

“Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come.”

Whenever I think about the way Cherry Baby has started this quote always comes to my mind. But it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Sophie, my friend and business partner in crime and a real powerhouse of ideas, who once called me to ask the question which started everything. Today we’re in this together. And while Cherry Baby is our personal dream project, we wouldn’t be able to run it without the extra help of my superhero husband whose IT skills helped us survive some major technical hick-ups. And of course without the continuous support and constructive feedback shared by you, dearest customers. Thank you all so much! If you follow Cherry Baby on Instagram, make sure to tag us, so that we can stay in touch!

Hope to see you soon again!


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